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I'm really sad about this. I had to share.

There's an eatery chain called Giraffe in the UK. They supposedly have really nice locally sourced food. After reading a review, I've been waiting all damned week with anticipation to go.

So, last night rolls around and this happens:

Wait at little sign to be seated, two employees walk up and set tables whilst completely ignoring us. Eventually someone decides to seat us at the BAR.

Now, mind you, this would be kind of normal. I've had this happen in actually busy places before. But they were only about 1/3 of the way full.

So we sit at the bar, I look at the drinks menus. The bar staff ignore us for a bit. Eventually I just lose my patience (we had been braving Christmas shopping throngs to pick up a gift for one of our friends.)

Eventually we just left, the manager did try and keep us there by offering free drinks but... it was pretty much too late. I had visions of mixed up orders, no drinks.... all sorts.

I'm so disappointed :(
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