Wilf (lots42) wrote in bad_service,

Please, Woman, I'm Not Satan, I'd Appreciate A Little Courtesy

I was at the thrift store. I had a heavy bunch of books. I spoke to a young employee. "Can I leave this here?" I said, motioning to the front counter.

"Yeah..." she said, then she had to hurry off. I believe a fellow employee needed her help.

Crazy old bat swooped in and went, 'No, you can't, rarw rarw raw I have a stick up my butt'. (This was the same one who lectured me when I accidentally got two sodas for the price of one at the store's vending machine. The second was consficated and placed in a warm area).

So I had to lug the stuff all the way back to find and talk with my mom, who had been calling me. I get back and I pay. The price is all wrong. The novels are supposed to be twenty five cents each. Well, it turns out, 'Rarw rarw rarw based on size, now I have two sticks up my butt, grr grr grr'. If attitide could injure, I'd be needing many a Band-Aid.

Well, the difference was only two bucks. I didn't make a federal case out of it because I really wanted the books. And I'm pretty sure the proceeds go towards a good charity. But I did double check the sign. It turns out I had missed a line. It wasn't anything about 'based on size'. It was that some paperbacks, which are marked, are fifty cents. I thought about it. All the paperbacks, which had no variations in sizes, were marked. I looked at about fifteen more paperbacks. One had a yellow sticker on the spine. Later, when organizing my haul, I still did not see any distinctive marks.

I hate being misled.

In conclusion, would it have made Baby Jesus cry to leave the stuff on the counter for a moment? For all she knew, I could have trouble carrying heavy things for some period of time. Oh, wait, I -do-. Secondly, know your signs woman. Do not say to me it's 'based on size' when the signs do not contain the word 'size'.

P.S. It's 71 degrees outside, why the hell is the book section 59? Plus, cross-potted to my journal.

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