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I haven't sent this off yet, but does it sound OK?

My account number is xxxxxx, my Rewards account number is xxxxxx. My fiance and I have an account that was opened at store xxx in xxx, NJ and are members of Blockbuster Online. Until last night, we have never had anything other than spectacular service in the store. We entered around 10:10 pm or so to overhear the end of a phone conversation between an employee and a customer on the telephone. The employee said to the customer "The manager will be in tomorrow, call back and he can deal with you." and slammed the phone down. The two employees then proceeded to talk to each other about 'bitchy customers.' As I work in customer service I felt that was very uncalled for, especially since there were customers in the store.
We finished browsing and proceeded to the register with our six new releases, one older movie, and two previously viewed movies we were purchasing. We also had two movies from Blockbuster Online that we were returning for free rentals. We were rung up by employee xxxx without any problems and left with our movies. When we got home, I was looking at the receipt and noticed that the older movie (Rescue Me-S1-D1-2004) was cashed out as an Online Coupon (the return of one of the online movies). One of the perks with joining the Rewards Program was that on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday when you rent one new release you get an older movie for free.
I called the store to ask why Rescue Me was cashed out as an online coupon rather than the Rewards Program coupon. I spoke to xxxx and started to ask my question and she asked me for my name and pulled up my account. She said 'Yes, Rescue Me was a free rental because you returned two online movies." I said "I realize that, I am looking at my receipt right now. As a Rewards member, it should have been free because it was from the inside of the store, and today is Tuesday.'" She replied "It was free because you returned the online movies." I said "I understand that that was how it was rung up, but it shouldn't have been. So you're telling me that I am out the $3.99?" She replied "Once it's cashed out it's not our fault. Next time you come in on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday make sure that you let us know that you are renting these and these are the ones you are getting for free."
I understand that Blockbuster has many customers, but it must show up when they scan the members card that they are a Rewards Program member. I would think that employees should know what the program entails and check the movies that are being rented to see what qualifies.
I am not going to say that I will never shop at Blockbuster again, but I would like to see this resolved.

Thank you,
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