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Possible bad dental service

My teeth are usually in pretty fine condition. I have a few cavaties, but nothing major. Never anything wrong with my teeth.

So, the day before my 21st birthday this summer, a cavaty filling fell out. Just fell out on a piece of a roll. I was shocked, but it didn't hurt at all. No pain whatsoever. It just felt weird to have a bit of a gap there. I got an appointment at my dentist to get it fixed a week after, though since it didn't hurt I could have gone longer.

So, I get it filled. The procedure was odd, because he drilled some more and I was there thinking "It's already got a hole, can't you simply fill it?". Also, there was no novacaine, which drove me nuts. So, it's filled and I go about my life.

Except now I have horrible pain on that side of my mouth, where that tooth is. I can't eat ANYTHING on that side of my mouth, because of the sharp stabbing pains it gives me. Also, my teeth hit each other funny now and often I feel as if they're going to knock each other out of the gums. I'm especially freaked out and annoyed.

So, for about four months (I'm in college, home and the dentist is three hours away) I eat on only the other side of my mouth and life goes on. The second I get home for Thanksgiving, I go back to the dentist. I describe everything that is wrong, how much everything hurts and how everything was absolutely fine before the filling got fixed. He gives me funny looks, says everything is absolutely fine and that it must be my fault. He claims I must be grinding my teeth in my sleep. I've never had any history of that, and I never feel pain in my jaw when I wake up, so I say I don't think it can be that.

He goes onto say that maybe it's the nerves in my teeth and how I should get a root canal. I panic, since this is a known painful procedure and I'm only 21! My teeth are usually fine, I don't even have wisdom teeth for them to take out! I take good care of them and everything.

He files down the filling, thinking maybe it's at an odd angle, but that doesn't help at all. I seriously think this guy messed up my teeth when he repaired the filling. I want to go to a new dentist and get a second opinion. I'm livid about this, because everything was fine before this, and the day after the new filling, I have problems.

What do you guys think I should do? This is the only set of teeth I ever get, after all!
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