lynnjessica (lynnjessica) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service from a telemarketer

So I've been getting daily calls lately about "reducing the interest on my student loans" from various companies. Now I consolidated my loans before I graduated and my interest rate is pretty damn low, so I have no interest in speaking to these people. Every time they call I say "I'm not interested, Thank you" and I hang up. So today I got two such calls, the first from a woman and the second from a man. So I do what I always do and am done with it. Then my phone rings again, immediately after I hang up. It went like this

RT - Rude telemarketer
Me - me, duh

RT - "Jessica?"
Me - "Yes?" (thinking, wtf, why in the hell are you calling back?)
RT - I'm not trying to sell you anything
Me - I understand. But I'm not interested.
RT - How can you not be intersted in lowering interest rates?
Me - You know what, I've gotten ten calls in the past few days in regards to my loan. I'm not interested and I told you that so please don't call ag...

What the fuck? Why would you call someone back when they specifically said they were not intersted? And then hang upon them in the middle of a sentence? How rude can you be? And most annoying of all, there is nothing I can do about it as the number he called from does not take incoming calls and I can't even trace it to figure out which company it is to complain. Imagine - someone calling me to be rude to me in my own home!
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