Judith Harrison (judithh1) wrote in bad_service,
Judith Harrison

Would be Funny if it wasn't so WTF-y

In the UK, there are several ways of paying for your gas and electric. Some people have them on a meter, where you get a bill every month. Some people prefer to have them on a 'Key Meter', where you top it up each week, like a pre-pay thing.

My sister in law has always been on pre-pay for her gas and electric.

Which is why it's so damn odd that the gas company are threatening to take her to court for a £200 unpaid bill. Because she doesn't get bills, and because she's been in that house for over five years and ALWAYS been on pre-pay. After pointing this out to the company, they apologised profusely, and said that they could see on their computer system that she was on pre-pay.

Then they sent her another bill threatening legal action. Lather, rinse, repeat step one.

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