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Letter to the Post office - Think it'll work?

Regarding: Tanya at Bent Tree Post Office
4475 Trinity Mills RD
Dallas, TX 75287-9998
Phone: (972)380-4871

I have a parcel in one of the parcel lockers (##) in front of my apartment complex (XXXX XXXXX Apartments) that I have not been able to get to since last Friday (December 1st). I have been dealing with both my apartment management and the local branch of the Post Office regarding this problem. The lock appears to be broken so I am unable to retrieve the package.

I contacted Tanya at the Bent Tree post office yesterday regarding the problem. She assured me that someone would be sent out today to address the issue. I went by after I got off work a few minutes ago and low and behold no one has come.

With this knowledge I called Tanya back. On my second call Tanya was not nearly as friendly or helpful as she was the first time. She was not only unable to offer me any other options, she was singularly unfriendly and rude to the point that I asked for her manager. He, I was given no name, was not there. He will be there in the morning, or so I am told. When I asked what time he would be there until (so I could call on my lunch, for example) I was told rudely that she didn't know.

I've tried to be polite in all my, albeit few, dealings with the US Postal Service, so I do not understand Tanya's vitriol towards me. However it is not behavior I would tolerate of a McDonald's employee, much less an employee of the US Postal Service.

Please do the following.

1) Release my package from its confinement so that I may present it to my fiancée
2) Rectify the anti-social and non-customer service oriented behavior in your employees at the Bent Tree Postal Station.

Thank you

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