Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Gas station, WTF?

There is a particular gas station my husband likes to stop at because they make his triple espresso for several years now and do it the "right" way for him. All one has to do is saying, "A cup of sludge please" and they'll know who it's for and what to make.

Our own store hours is from 9 AM to 6 PM and after work I'll take him to get his cup of sludge. Of course there have been times when a new girl wouldn't know what we meant when we said, "a cup of sludge" or even "a triple espresso". No biggie. But tonight... tonight was a different night.

We get there 10 past 6 PM to find the place CLOSED. WTF? "Winter Hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM to 6 PM; Saturdays 9 AM - 5 PM; Sundays 10 AM - 5 PM"

Someone explain to me WHY in the world would a gas station close THAT early!? I can understand closing at 8 or 9 PM BUT 5 PM, 6 PM!? To top it all off they are the ONLY gas station in that area near our store. The next gas station is a Safeway station which is a mile east from them and an Albertson's gas station about two miles west of them. And their station does not have a way that you can still pay with debit/credit card outside and pump the gas. Nope, they are 100% closed unlike two other gas stations that I know you can still pump gas after paying with a debit/credit card.

This was the first time in YEARS of going to that gas station that they have those types of hours. Hell, BEFORE you could drive by on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve at MIDNIGHT and they'd still be open. Not any more, now they close down at 5 & 6 PM! Yeesh, good thing I didn't need gas because as I posted before, they're the only gas station in the area (on the same street)!
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