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Three weeks of wet carpet

Tell me what you folks think of this gem.

My best friend has lived in the same apartment building for two years without much of a problem. So far, the only complaint has been when a blockage from a common pipe caused a dirty sink in his place, and the place above his. Not a huge deal, and fairly common. It was fixed in under a day.

So get this.

One day, my friend, we'll call him Steve, wakes up and realized a good portion of his bedroom carpet is soaked. Not dirty at all, but sopping wet. Confused, he calls his landlord and asks him to solve the problem. Landlord says no problem, will fix tomorrow.

Fast-forward one week.

His entire bedroom floor is soaked, and he's been forced to move his dresser, bed, and miscellaneous bedroom furniture into his living room. Steve is now rather annoyed, considering he must leave for a week on a business trip. He calls the landlord again and asks if he could please fix the leak and replace the now-ruined carpet while he's gone. Landlord says no problem, will do so.

So Steve leaves. And Steve returns a week later. And Steve's carpet is still mimicking Canada's wetlands.

Steve is not happy.

Steve walks down the the landlord's house himself to discuss the problem in person, calmly mind you. The landlord apologizes for the wait, and says he'll be right on it.

That was one week ago.

Three weeks, in the middle of northern Canadian winter, with a soaking wet bedroom.

Last I heart, Steve called again and demanded the problem be repaired. The landlord said they have a new carpet guy and will send him over ASAP.

Carpet guy?? Three weeks of water in a fluctuating climate?? You'll need a flooring and drywall guy to repair that sort of damage! I can't imagine the mold, the warping of the wood, the bacterial production... disgusting!

What do you guys think? There has to be a way to resolve this. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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