Miss Kitty (kittylair) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Kitty


Cell phone repair and sales monkey.
Does anyone have Boston Market's corporate contact info?

It's a long story but basically a mishipped package of phones was accepted by a GM of a Boston Market. He opened the package and then decided to drop the phones off on our only day closed.
He left them on the porch. The phones were long gone on Monday morning.

When getting when he'd be in to talk to, I dropped that my company's fraud department always launches a investigation and watches to see if the phones get activated.

He marched over the next day and said quote "I was scaring his employees" and that I said we were going to proscute.
No- the independent contractor working with Fed Ex is going to proscute you.

So I was told by the Fed Ex gal that he said I was banned from his store. He never told me that. Good to know.
I was planning on boycotting that location for their shady-ness anyhoo.
And she needed Corps info (he wouldn't give it).

Any help to nail this douchebag would be great.
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