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Large bills.

I should probably post this at customers_suck, since I often see the issue raised there, but it inspires so much irritation in some people that I'm afraid to bring it up. ;)

A lot of cashiers complain about customers paying (usually for small purchases) with $50 or $100 bills. I'm just curious as to how much money people think a customer needs to spend in order to feel "justified" in using a larger bill.

I can understand getting annoyed when someone whips out $100 to pay for a pack of gum. But at the other extreme, I remember buying a book at B. Dalton and getting the same attitude. The book was something like $26 (so around $28 with tax) and I paid with a $50 and got the sigh/eyeroll/"Do you have anything smaller?" If I did, I was probably saving it for smaller purchases, and I didn't want to put the book on a credit card when I had the cash to pay for it. If a store can't manage to give $22 in change, that doesn't make me a sucky customer. Nor does it reflect badly on the employee (although her attitude was crappy enough to make her a good example of bad_service). But it does say something about how the store is managed. There should be a decent amount of change in the registers, and if there's not, it shouldn't be taken out on the customer.

(I do have experience on the other side, by the way. I spent half my teenage years behind the counter of my family's toy store, and I don't remember ever running that low on change. And that was in a vacation area, with tourists and snowbirds waving around their $100 bills and huge traveler's checks, ugh. I don't miss those customers, although I miss the store itself. ;))

But I'm curious as to what others think about paying with larger bills, because I do try very hard not to be a sucky customer.
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