Tracy (traecrochet) wrote in bad_service,

More of a question than bad service

I'm sorry for asking this here, but its the only place I know to go where I will actually get answers.

At the end of September I had major engine work done on my 5 year old Saturn. It cost me roughly $650. I just found out that the extended warranty I bought with the car 2 years ago was not expired, as I thought it was. Since the warranty was offered by the parent company GM, and I got it at the dealership when I bought the car, shouldn't it have been in their computer or in my file they have there? I've heard from different sources that they most likely did have the information and just didn't bring it up because I didn't bring it up, and also because I am a woman. I was just wondering if I should bring it up with the dealership or should I just forget about it because it is my fault I didn't bring it up.

***EDIT 12/4/06***

They asked me to come down tomorrow with my copy of the bill. It looks like I'm getting back at least part of my money (I also had a spark plug and the wire kit replaced at that time too). I'll keep everyone updated and thank you guys for all the help!
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