Blank (therosewilde) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Manchester Bus Companies.

Please start hiring people who speak a reasonable standard of English for the job they are doing. I have no problem with immigrants having jobs here, but I should not have so much trouble buying my bus tickets just because your driver does not speak enough English to understand a simple request.

No love
Disgruntled passenger.

I am sick to death of getting on the bus, going "Two fifty day rider please" and getting "Where you going? What you want?" - a two fifty day rider, by definition, enables me to ride that particular bus (192) all day, in whichever direction. They don't need to know where i'm going, and even when I do say "Piccadilly and back" they go "Return? Return?" "No, two fifty day rider please." "Where to?"

I ended up taking my money back off a driver (he'd snatched it off me) yesterday and waiting for the next bus, because he kept insisting I wanted the two pound ticket, which was completely useless for where I was going.

Is it so unreasonable to expect people to be able to perform their job? Half the time they get agressive with passengers for not understanding them - it's not our responsibility to learn their language when they are in our country.
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