nverland (nverland) wrote in bad_service,

I just have to share this, since it made my whole day. Reminds me again why I dislike dealing with WalMart.

I live with my elderly uncle, who's really hard of hearing. Uncle and I went shopping today. I hate taking him along-he has trouble walking also, but since he no longer drives I have to do it sometimes. But today is the Holiday Parade downtown, so we can't get to his bank, or drive through town. First store he only wanted a few things, so I just got them myself. And then we went to Wally World. He gets out of the truck and gives me his card to get money from the ATM. I zip ahead, since he's very slow, and ask the greeter-who's inside the store, not out front like most greeters-where the ATM is. She tells me I have to go to the other end of the building to the bank. Fine, whatever. I get down there, and the ATM is out of service. Wonderful, so back to the entrance, where Uncle is just entering with a basket. He's standing in the doorway, so I motion him over, and yell at him that the ATM is broken and give him his card back. He didn't understand me, so I raised my voice more. You have to remember, he's really bad hard of hearing. The greeter is watching all this and comes over to chew me out. Tells me to not talk to him like that, and I try to explain he can't hear me- that I have to yell. She tells me to shut up (yes-said that) and to not be so mean to him anymore. He asks what is going on, and I turn to answer and she grabs the cart away from me. I turn and ask her what the deal is, and she tells me I don't need it, since he has one. I explain that to Uncle, again yelling, and go find a manager. Explained it all to him, and as he walked back there, he gets another person to go along to take over the spot, and fired her as I walked past. He was so apologetic about how she acted. And there stood Uncle, as confused about what was going on as ever. I had to yell what happened again, and that I can't get him any money. The manager watched the whole thing and could see what really happened. So, Uncle got to sit on a bench while I shopped (we were out of food), and then took him home. And we get to start over tomorrow, when I can take him to the bank and use the ATM there. I swear, if there was another store in this area, I'd quit shopping there.

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