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Beware Amazon used book merchants! (a story of LJ empowerment)

Hi all, this is such a good idea for a community!

I don't know yet how this customer service nightmare story will end, but please read the email exchange taking place between me and a used bookseller at Amazon. I've bought HUNDREDS of dollars of books at Amazon, and never had a problem. Moneywise, this is small stuff (a refund of $2.72 is all that's at stake) but it's the principle of the matter. This guy never even bothered to return my emails until I "threatened" him that I would post all our emails at my blog and leave a link to it in Amazon feedback. He is now accusing me of defamation of character and extortion! Anyway, here are the links. (I will repost here if you want, but since it takes up space, I thought I'd do it this way. Let me know if this is not kosher!)

Comments? Thoughts? Other horror stories about Amazon used booksellers?

Thanks to this community and to LiveJournal for the empowerment!

Edited to explain that after reading all your comments, I decided that I'd acted hastily. I have taken down the emails at my blog. I still think that he was probably ignoring my questions, but I don't know that for sure, and could have given him the benefit of the doubt and waited a few more days for his response. I will be writing to him next, to apologize for my impatience.

Thanks to all for the feedback, especially to many of you who adroitly set me straight without insulting me in the process.


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