imtarayourenot (imtarayourenot) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service?

So, I've been sick for awhile, but was feeling better on Thursday, so I rode the bus downtown to go to the County Assistance Office. I need help paying for 500 dollars worth of books, and with two kids and unexpected expenses, I don't have it. I had my 7 month old son with me.

I get there, and I stand where you're supposed to wait for about 5 minutes. The one receptionist was not at her desk, and the one that was saw me standing there, and did not say, "Can I help you?". So, after waiting there for that long, I approached her window and told her what I wanted. She seemed annoyed at my request, but I remained polite. She gives me an ext. number to call someone in the correct department. I go to the interoffice phone on the side of the receptionist's area and dial. No one answers. So I go back to the receptionist, tell her that no one is answering and she proceeds to page someone. She asks me to take a seat, and I do so. My child, who is in his sling, wakes up after about 45 minutes of waiting and I'm stand up to sooth him by rocking back and forth. I try to call the same number on the interoffice phone a couple more times, but now it's busy. After about an hour and a half, she glances up and sees me, surprised that I'm still in the waiting area. She asked me if anyone was able to help me, and I explained to her that the ext. she gave me was no busy. So, she pages someone again, and after 10 minutes they call her back.

Now, you'd think that after almost 2 hours of waiting I'd be able to sit down and talk to the person I needed to. Nope. I had to make an appointment and I have to go back on Monday after school.

Cambria County, please get your stuff straight.

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