Chérie (lutine) wrote in bad_service,

I commissioned a custom circlet for my wedding. She mailed it to me United States Postal Service and since I have my hair appointment today, I needed to have it. I waited around all day yesterday for the mail to come so I could sign for the package. Every twenty minutes or so, I walked outside and looked for the mailman, because I'm neurotic like that. Two o'clock came and no mailman - except no, wait, there is MAIL IN MY MAILBOX. So the mailman had come and not delivered the package. There was no notice left, nothing. Several hours later, I thought to track it online and sure enough, "We attempted to deliver your package to you at 1:52, blah blah blah." Bullshit. I tried to call the post office, but of course, they had closed five minutes beforehand. So I woke up early today and called. I explained that my carrier had NOT tried to deliver it, I had been home all day waiting for a knock and it never came, nor was I left a notice. The guy on the phone sounded reasonably upset by this and said that he would talk to the carrier and have her re-deliver it today. I told him that I would prefer to pick it up myself, as it is delicate and I don't want to trust it to a disgruntled carrier whom I had just gotten in trouble. So I went to the post office and of course, there is no parking. Since I am just going to run in, I parked in an employee spot. Right when I walked in, the postal worker started bitching at me because of it. I replied back, "Well, if your carrier could figure out how to deliver packages, I wouldn't have to be here, now would I?" Apparently this guy was not the same person I talked to on the phone and we had the following conversation:

Me: I'm here to pick up a package.
Him: Where is your slip?
Me: I wasn't given one.
Him: [in childish voice] Then how do you know that you're supposed to have a package?

And the moral of the story is, do not mess with a girl's wedding stuff, she will eat you alive. Also, postal workers suck.

[EDIT] Oh, wonderful. I just went to get my regular mail and there is an attempt-to-deliver notice inside, with today's date on it. Oh really, you tried to deliver a package? That's funny, I've had it in my posession for an hour and it never left the post office before that. No really, lie to me some more.
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