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Import Games Store Suckage

I've joined this community for a while, but this is my first post. I don't know if this counts as bad service, but here it goes.

This actually happened a few years ago BEFORE that place was closed down. I was walking into an import games store that also sells anime merchandise and because I am an artist, I have a habit of carrying my sketchbook with me. Some of the kids who were playing the video games saw some of my fanart drawings and asked if they can see them. So I did.

Enter the fantard who was working there. He too wanted to see my drawings and I showed them. While looking at them, he commented on good they were until he saw a drawing of a video game character I liked. I told him that she is my favorite character to draw, but then his demeanor changed dramatically and he started treating me badly. Then he said all of my drawings are crap just because of that one character I liked. Upset, I wanted to speak to the manager, but sadly he wasn't working that day. Even the kids asked him why he treated me badly when I wasn't rude towards him.

While there are some game and anime characters I hated, but do I treat those fans badly just because they liked them? Of course not. That guy shouldn't have been a total douchebag towards me just because he hated a character I liked. UGH! I may be an anime fan, but that is one of the things that REALLY annoyed me about the fandom.

No wonder that store closed down. EDIT: Oops, after reading the comments, I forgot to mention that the clerk was being a total jerk towards other customers and the store was family-run with the father as the manager.

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