Cassie (wearmysoul) wrote in bad_service,

If it's not bad_service, it's still really embarrassing.

Over the holiday, I told my mother that I wanted a suit. I've always had nice dress pants, but they're a color that is hard to find a perfect match for. I figured since I'll be graduating college soon, now is the time to invest in a good business outfit. I figured that it would be my Christmas gift because it'd be really expensive, but my mom surprised me by dragging me to JC Penny. I love JC Penny, don't get me wrong, but what happened made me feel like shit.

After like an hour of trying on suits, I found one that worked nicely. We walked up to the register to pay for it, and the lady gave me a funny look and said, "did you buy that." I was like, "what, excuse me." She was talking about my shirt. I didn't realize it until my mom said, "yea, I have the receipt right here," and she patted her pocket. The lady said, "well, some people like to take the tags off clothes and steal them... I was just making sure."

Ummm, yea - because if I was going to steal something, why would it be a $10 shirt? Why would I stand by the register instead of running out the door? Especially since my mom was buying me a $160 suit. Most of my clothes are from JC Penny (and you can tell), so that cashier much have just had a bad day. I've been shopping there since I was like nine, and I've never had a cashier ask me that. I understand that it was over the holiday, so it was busy, but come on - who thinks it's okay to ask people that? I guess, I don't get it.

NOTE: My mom was buying me suit, two other shirts for me, and a shirt for my younger sister. All three of the shirts were the same style, but different colors, and were like $14 a piece. My mom had bought the shirt I was wearing a few days ago... and she had bought three of them (one for two of my other sisters and me).

EDIT: Thanks for all the support. I love JC Penny so much, and I just believe that the cashier was having a bad day. She should have watched what she said though... a bad day is no excuse though. I'm not going to call and complain. It was more of a WTF moment.
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