mighty fuck of the lands (roadsidemessiah) wrote in bad_service,
mighty fuck of the lands

Z-Line Designs rant.

So the other day. I bought a laptop. With this, I decide to buy a desk. So, I went to Staples and searched around. I found a desk I like by Z-Line Designs. (yay for cool glass/steel tubing designs). The staff at Staples was extremely friendly and courteous.

The desk's box looked to be in good condition, no packing wounds or anything... so I thought nothing of inspecting it's contents. So I took my desk home, and took the box apart to begin putting together my desk. So of course, I take all the parts out lay them out, take the screws out and put them all in a magnetic bowl. While counting pieces, I encounter that EIGHT major structural pieces of this desk are missing. I am furious. I know people make mistakes. But mistakes in production are forgetting a screw, NOT eight pieces... the eight pieces that pretty much form the desk top.

So I shoot Z-Line designs an email with the info the book provided for replacement parts. These parts are light and only 2-3 feet long each. So I figure, hey, you know, for the inconvenience, overnight me the parts and we're square. They called just recently and my dad told them I wasn't here, so I return the call to find out what they want and get Derek, a rude sounding fellow who tells me "Sorry, Son, we can't ship out half the desk". First off, when is it EVER acceptable to call a customer of your company "Son". I know, I sound young... but that's completely inappropriate, sir is just fine thank you.

Now, the big issue, is that, you know, opening a huge desk box, you expect that most of the parts will be in there, mind you, you're using a knife to cut the case open, so unless you reseal it with packaging tape (and a fuckload of it at that) you're not gonna get that packaging in to a decent condition. Which brings me to my second issue. I cannot believe that EIGHT pieces of a desk were missing from the box, how are the people from staples going to believe that. If i was managing an office supplies store, and someone brought a desk back in and told me eight major structural pieces were missing from the desk, I'd be weary of returning it, or just "writing it off".

So, when I take this desk back... I take it back. I wait 3-5 days to receive the credit on my bank account, and then I can go buy a new desk, which will not be made by Z-Line designs. Instead, I'll go and buy the StudioRTA desk which is similar... and probably has all the things in the box, and gives GREAT customer service (I'd know from past experiences with them).
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