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la bella puttana

Okay so this may seem a little weird to people not well versed in the realms of merchandising.

I was scrummaging around out in the storeroom at my Target Store [I'm a trainee business manager but learning the ropes of merchandising so if the time comes I can be a merchandise manager if one is away sick] and I got a call from the front registers regarding a return a woman was trying to make. Makeup, she said.

Now we can't return makeup due to change of mind. No shit, because we can't sell it again, we can't do anything with it- it gets written off against our store account, blah blah blah. But this woman has bought a foundation and it had irritated her face. I went down expecting to see some irate scary woman waiting to lynch me but she was pretty good- she just wanted a refund because her CHEEKS were now red and irritated from the makeup. I didn't really know about the 'type' of it but to see the red patches on her cheeks I just went "fine, give her the refund" cause she had her receipt and foundation shouldn't do that. Infact its never happened to me, EVER.

Anyway rather than write it off I rang up Revlon to see if they can return it due to an allergic reaction and they pushed and shoved me around to about six different people before I gave up, wrote the details of the return on a bit of paper, taped it to the foundation and left it with the other shit to be returned to Revlon [testers, damaged in transit stuff, etc].

Well Revlon sent it back today saying that they won't credit it for us blah blah blah even though I'm sure we can return shit that people are having REACTIONS LIKE HIVES to. So I called them up and they said they wouldn't do it, so I hung up on them and just threw it in the bin and wrote it off rather than deal with the assholes again, because it isn't the first time they've screwed us over on merch stuff and it's more trouble than its worth because they send all their shit delayed anyway.

I also went to our Whiteboard Shitlist where in the back of the store there is a big whiteboard with "top 20 bad suppliers" written on it, and changed it. I can't believe Revlon are topping Apple Inc but there they are, top of the list, first time since the iPods first came out.

It doesn't really leave much incentive for managers to help customers out when suppliers are such shitheads...I wonder how many other people are dealing with red itchy cheeks from a foundation but don't bother returning it because most managers won't do it against their store's profits? I'm sure I'm not allowed to do it but I'm going to do it if it happens again, because I really do freak out if my skin dries out or goes flakey and I cannot leave the house unless I'm sure I look okay (anxiety issues ahoyyyyy thar) so a bad-ass foundation would fuck me up. So I can certainly sympathise.


Anyway I'm not so sure if this counts as bad service because we're not the customers, we're just selling the shit, but it still makes me angry. GRAGH.
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