Evil Cunt (evilcunt) wrote in bad_service,
Evil Cunt

Honda & a little bit of Dell

Does anyone remember my Honda saga? They deducted my car payment 100 times, leaving my account about -$34,000.00. Original post. And the The follow up.

Well it has definitely not been a happy ending. Because two months later, our goddamn account still isn't situated and now we're being harassed by Honda. We've already contacted a lawyer and so that is taken care of, but I just had to make another post about the recent bullshit.

First of all, Honda promised to pay a couple of months payment as a result of their fuck-up. Did that happen? No. They have not paid a single payment and they refuse to until the "account situation is cleared up".

We have faxed our statements over REPEATEDLY, but someone new always calls and says they need us to fax such&such again. I'm fucking tired of it.

Then about three weeks ago, we get a call claiming we owe just under $1800.00??!?! Um, no. You still haven't fixed our account! Now we're dealing with a guy and I go over my bank statement day-by-day for the entire month of October up to Nov. 10th. He says it sounds good and to fax it over and everything will be taken care of. Awesome. I fax it off. No reply for several days.

So we call him. He's on vacation for three weeks and we're told to call some other lady. This lady is an absolute bitch. She's been leaving snotty little messages on our answering machine for two weeks. She wants us to fax like 4 months worth of statements - wtf? I can only go back 1 month. We call back - get her voice mail.

This is how it has been for two months. Call, it's "getting handled", then that person disappears and we're directed to another person. They never return our calls within a timely manner. For example I left that lady a message on Nov. 13th. She didn't call back until 1pm on Nov. 22nd. We were at work! By the time we got home to call her back, she was gone for the holidays.

As a result of Honda's gigantic fuck-up, Dell has been a bitch. Two payments I mailed into them bounced. Since obviously I didn't have $34,000.00 in my account to cover Honda's deductions. I went to order a laptop on Dell.com, because I have an account with them with a credit limit. They wouldn't allow me to use my account. Okay, so I call in and of course, the person barely speaks English. He told me that due to two delinquent payments, my dell preferred account was canceled and if I wish to make a purchase I'll have to pay in full. Excuse me?

I recitifed those bounced payments immediately and paid off my balance that was due immediately after this Honda shit began. I told the guy that I had an official letter from Honda that I can fax him, to prove it was beyond my control. I fax it in. Doesn't matter. Dell will not reopen my account.

(My laptop was fried - lightening strike, awesome. So I have a dead laptop. UGH!)

Fuck you Honda. I hate you so much and I'm going after you now. I'm tired of this shit. :( God knows what my credit report looks like now!

(PS - Honda also didn't cover insurance as promised either. Thankfully I love my State Farm agent and he got it all fixed for me.)

Sorry for the bitchiness of this entry. I'm just beyond pissed off right now. :)

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