Misty (krazydiva) wrote in bad_service,

JC Penny's portriat studio...

A few weeks ago I took my daughter to get her one year portriats taken. When I made the appointment, the lady insisted "You need to be here at least ten minutes early, if you are late we cancel your appointment". We got there 10 minutes early and didn't even get called back until 50 minutes after our scheduled appointment.

Not once did anyone apoligize for the wait, or express any sympathy towards my very restless one year old who was quite tired of sitting.

When they finally called her back, they didn't even know why I was there, even though I expressed five times on the phone that this was her 1 year birthday pictures.

They bring out this old torn box that said "It's my birthday" and stuck her in it. They took a few pictures. On the phone I was promised a picture of her sitting next to a big cake with a "1" for a candle. I asked about it and the photographer said "Oh, I don't know where it is, do you really want me to find it?" She looked in a few drawers and said "I can't find it, but I have a present she can sit with". I agreed to that, although I really wanted the candle picture. She brought out this pink box, no wrapping paper, no bow, just a pink box.

She took two of those. I had a change of clothes for her so I changed her and I noticed two big drawers full of props behind her. I asked her If I could have some props for the next picture. She hesitated and took me past all of the drawers with the neat props to a bucket of dirty old stuffed animals and told me to pick some.

I asked about the other props but she said it would take to much time to set up and they had other customers waiting.

She finished the sitting and rushed us out.

So, my daughter's first birthday pictures will be pretty much crap. I could have saved my money and done it at home for all the effort she put into it.

I wrote a letter to the corporate office, and they offered me 4 free sheets of portriats, but I was really hoping they would offer me another sitting, with a diffrent photographer.
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