heartbreaker, im addicted to you (blackenamel) wrote in bad_service,
heartbreaker, im addicted to you

My best friend and I eat at Olive Garden a lot. We usually get their soup and salad, which are supposed to have unlimited refills, plus pasta entrees. We went on Friday night, and had the shittiest waitress. They weren't busy, so she really had no excuse.

She came and took our drink and dinner orders and brought the salad and breadsticks out within a reasonable frame of time. There was no mention of our drinks. My friend asked for oil and vinegar for the breadsticks, and she said she'd bring it out, then disappeared.

We were starting to wonder if she forgot about us or something, because she would appear at tables around us and see how they were doing, but completely avoided eye contact with us. We had been nothing but polite and friendly, so we were a little puzzled. She finally brought our pasta entrees out, and when my friend asked again about the oil and vinegar, she said, "Oh yes, and you ordered drinks too, right?" She then proceeded to put her hand on the salad bowl and asked, "Can I take this out of your way?" Uh, no, but we'd like some more, thanks. She disappeared again.

While waiting for her to reappear with more salad, we had another waitress check in on us. My friend asked for one refill of soup after the first refill of salad, and that took an additional 20 minutes for her to bring out another bowl of soup. When she brought the soup refill, she AGAIN put her hand on the salad bowl and asked if she could take it away. No offer to bring out more salad. We asked for more, she disappeared, we waited, she finally brought out more salad and the check. After we got the check though, she kept coming back to see if we had paid yet, and that was the most we saw of her all evening. How lovely.

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