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First one is questinable service, I think second one is just... weird.

Story the first- I was out with my family last night shopping for a few things, and we stopped at Best Buy. I actually wasn't present for this (I was over checking out the sales on external hard drives,) but the employee helping my parents said something like 'I don't know why anyone would want one of those' in response to my dad's question about a laptop trackball.

Not horrid service, I suppose, but if the employee was snotty enough to piss of my dad, he must have been out of line.

Story the second- We made our way to Circuit City, asked the same questions to the employee there, and alas, they didn't have any either, and my mom just wasn't interested in the full-size trackballs that they had. So, he drags us over to the mice (which we'd already made clear we didn't want,) grabbed an optical mouse, and tried to convince us that it would be perfect!

He then proceeded the run it along his arm and exclaim 'see! you don't even need a mousepad, it works on anything but glass! Your leg, arm anything.'

...and then proceeded to flip it over, point at the laser, and tell us, repeatedly, 'see, it's a laser. It works by using a laser.'

I guess he was just trying to be helpful, but it came across as severely condescending and a tad humorous; here he was, trying to explain the intricicies of an optical mouse to a family of computer geeks by pointing at it and telling us it uses a laser.

It was so hard to wait until we left the store to bust out laughin XD

(also, first post, all that jazz... hope this isn't too weird of a post. I suppose it's probably a good thing that I don't have many opportunities to post XD)
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