Allison (allykatb) wrote in bad_service,

I was shopping with my friend today and we ended up going to a store called “Animal World”. They have a bunch of stuffed animals and a small anime merchandise section. Since we were there, I took a lot to see what they had and I ended up buy three figurines. All was well until my friend went into a store and I waited outside to look at what I had bought. Two of them were fine, but the third was missing an arm. Not a problem, I think. It must have broken off in the bag so I’ll just find it and glue it back on when I get home. I tear apart my bag, but no arm. They hadn’t been taken out of the bag since I bought them, so I figured the arm must have broken off before I bought them.

The bad service kicks in when I tried to exchange it. One of the employees was going to take it, but when she asked another one to get a new figurine from the back, the other employee came over and told me I could return the broken one. She went on and on about how I must have broken it because she always checks them over before selling them. She said that they all came out of a box in the back and that there was no way it could have broken before I got it. She then told me to go to every place I’ve been and look for the arm. Right. In a mall. In one of the largest malls in Canada. During Christmas shopping season. Sure. I’ll just hop right to it. When I told her that they hadn’t been out of the bag she just shrugged her shoulders and basically said too bad, so sad, by the way we don’t give refunds, only store credit.

By that point I just wanted to get out of there with a complete set of three, so I gave in and said I would buy another one (they were only $3). She then tries to tell me that they don’t have any more. Ah, no, there’s one in the display case. The one that I had pointed out an hour earlier when I first was in. She just shrugged her shoulders again and got it.

The whole thing just irked me. Even if I didn’t get an exchange, a discount on the second one or a refund of the other two would have been just as good. When I worked in retail, my manager would have happily done an exchange in this situation, because that’s what keeps the customers coming back. They’re overcharging enough that it wouldn’t really hurt them.

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