creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Grumble mumble...Subway

Ok I get cranky if I cannot get my breakie.

I braved the cold weather this morning and drove to Subway to pick up breakfast. I'm a regular customer and just plain too lazy to cook for myself...then again I don't have anything to cook. I do have a box of Rice Crispies but I think it's like 5 or 6 years old. lol Anyway...

This Subway is in a Mac's store and is suppose to be open 24 hours. I get there at 8:30 and the Mac's employee tells me that Subway is closed. No one showed up for work. UGH! So I did an about face and left and went to McDonalds. I could have bought something at Mac's but their pre-made breakfast sandwiches are REALLY disgusting. My dog won't even eat those and she eats dirt!

Normally I would just let it go but it's up to the manager to be covering the shifts when no other employees show up. I know this because my friend use to manage that Subway and she HAD to do exceptions. Since this new useless manager took over this is like the 5th time I went to get food, just to be turned away because they are closed.

When I got home I phoned my friend ...who is still a manager and relayed the story. Perfect timing! She was having coffee with the district manager. She phoned me back later to tell me that he was not impressed and would look into it. She told me to email in a I did. Yes evil me. Why? Because my friend use to love managing this Subway but the Mac's store bitch couldn't keep her nose to herself. Finally my friend quit...but they wouldn't accept her resignation and gave her a promotion...the one who took over is the Mac's store bitch's sister. Totally useless!

*burp* Blah! Now I have heartburn from McDonalds.

*runs off for tums*

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