Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

I had the absolute weirdest waitress at Dennys tonight.

When taking orders, there were three of us. One isn't eating, I had already placed my order, and for the final person, she refused to look at my friend, just looked directly at the table and said "I'll take the next order please". After he orders, the other two people hand back the menus and I'm distracted so she says, "I'll take all the menu's please". I've never had a waitress who refused to address her customers, she wouldn't look at us nor talk directly to the person she was talking to. I don't mind that she didn't want to address us, it's just that she refused to phrase questions as questions. Halfway through the meal she started acting more normal. Until the end.

After we were finished, she brought out the bussing tub rather than just taking plates back herself. Then she told us to place everything in the tub. Yes, she actually had us bus our own table while she held the tub. It's not horrible or anything, but who the hell does that? She was a very nice lady, just very very odd.

I'll remove this if people are terribly offended that I posted weird and amusing service in a bad service community.
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