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More printing issues.

We're still having problems with C Imaging Centre, a sister store. Original post is here.

Cut for language.

Today we got another batch of prints in from Coquitlam. The big $3,800+ job was one and a half weeks late. The car wash decals were 2 weeks late, and the NAS was two and a half weeks late.

So, the NAS was fine, the car wash was fine. They're all done and ready to go, joy! Hell, even the big project (JW) colours were great. Except for some of the funniest little issues. You see, we went through a week of fighting with them over colour. They claim they can't print pantones (wtf?) and that every pantone book is different and every program is different. (....No. They're not, you fucking morons.) The guy who railed on us about the colours is FIRED, so we can go back to using pantones. Thank god.

Now, onto what was so heinous about this order. You see, it's a word that's 7 letters long. One of them? FOUR LETTERS had to be replaced. And this was NOT us nitpicking, this was the C staff stating they needed to be. Rather than replacing them, they printed the extras on a seperate sheet for us to place. ... Geez thanks, guys, we'll take this three foot high contour cut letter that cannot be tugged or it'll stretch and put it onto the backing paper where we can see the lines. We'd love to do that. And thank you ever so much for not giving us any reference. :D You just made our day. Oh. So. Much. The goddamn thing is 11 feet long, can you picture us doing this for four of the letters?! And then your solution? "Well, it's really your fault for giving us a print so long. We can't do that without there being massive mistakes."


WHAT? Okay. This is PRINT. You let it print and run it out at the right length. THEN you laminate it. Then you cut it. NOT HARD. The machine measures all of this for you. If you're not feeding it by hand for long projects and letting it fall on the floor, how is that OUR problem?! That's LAZY! We've run 9 feet of metallic vinyl cutting boxes. For those who don't understand this, consider it like flexible plastic that wrinkles if it's bent too much, curls inwards, and often gets caught up in the machine. And it even requires a special blade. And you have to hold the roll or else it falls off the machine. So we usually have to tape the damn roll to the machine and PRAY, and then work the front. If we bend it, we replace it. Hello.

You fucking morons, rather than seeing you made a huge mistake, you just sent us the errors for us to deal with. You even added notes as to what needed to be replaced. And this is not hard vinyl to run through, I know! I've seen 52" wide material worked on, and it's WHITE VINYL! White print vinyl is like the butter of the vinyl industry! It's not delicate, it's incredibly flexible, and... just... ELEVEN FEET IS TOO MUCH?! What is wrong with you people?! Are you that stupid? Or are you just LAZY?

The other beautiful part was looking at the NAS. Thankfully, they cut plenty, but it still didn't excuse what they did. The bastards cut RIGHT THROUGH a decal. They're not even using a ruler to cut straight edges for their clients. They're just cutting it willy nilly however they feel. It's something you'd have to see to see how goddamn bad it is. It's a bit like an S. And S that goes INTO the decals.

And then, my personal favourite: they think they can get away with fucking us over! Oh, this made me so mad once I figured it out.

You see, there was scotch tape on the outsides of the lettering on top of the white border around the text (which makes it stand out against the wall.) I was very confused about this, assuming they might have just been taping a note to it, removed the note, and left the tape? That was my guess. So I figure, what the hell, it's not like they did anything that would cause lasting damage. So, I test the alcohol on the product, and then start to remove the tape. Underneath, which you could not see because of the scotch tape, is a cut. A cut, that is not just a surface cut, but which goes straight through to the backing paper. I was flabberghasted, at first thinking maybe I accidentally did that when I removed the tape. So, go the the other end of the decal? Same thing. Cut right through.

Oh, I sure as hell was swearing then. They honestly thought they could get away with that?! So we didn't even bother trying to deal with them again as they clearly think we are idiots. Scotch taping a decal is like getting your pants back from the tailor with duct tape on the inside. It's really that insulting to think that they can pull one over on us like that. We just called head office. Today was my first dealing-with-Coquitlam as Graphic Designer-cum-Production Manager, so being the one allowed to be in charge and deal with these people was very, very good. And the way they treat us on the phone, I suddenly understand why Lisa used to get so mad she'd shake when she stopped herself from yelling because she was being yelled at.

God, I really hope we change print shops soon.


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