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Bureaucracy Inaction!

I'm in the preliminary stages of joining the United States Air Force. Everything is peachy-fucking-keen except for a juvenile blemish on my record from back when I was 16 (kids do stupid things).

In order to get that waived by the USAF, I needed to obtain a copy of the court documents. Normally, an easy thing to do. Just go down to the court office, speak with the juvenile clerk, watch a printer do its thing and BAM! I have what I need.

Problem is, I grew up in Rome, Georgia and now live in Denver, Colorado. I can't just walk to the court house which means I have to make phone-requests for legal documents...you see where this is going already, don'tcha?

My initial call was directed to the Juvenile court office...where I was told I would have to talk to the DA and get a case number before they could pull me up and even consider sending me the documents.

Wait a minute...this was a Juvenile offense...lawyers were not involved. Why in the hell would I need to talk to the DA?

Whatever. I do as the "intelligent" clerk said and called the DA. She directed me to Probate court.

Wait a minute...this was a juvenile offense...not a traffic violation. Why in the hell would I need to talk to the Probate office?

Whatever. I do as the "intelligent" clerk said and called the Probate office. She directed me to Municiple court.

Wait a minute...this was a juvenile offense....nothing serious. Why in the hell would I need to talk to the Municiple office?

Whatever. I do as the "intelligent" clerk said and called the Municiple office. There I was directed to Superior Court (Hey! I'm moving up in the world of crime without doing anything!).

FINALLY I get an intelligent southron Belle on the phone who has to listen to me recount the last hour and a half of my life. She gasps and says "You had the right number the first time. The clerk there should've sent you back to the Juvenile Clerks desk and you would've been done in all of 5 minutes."

So I dial the clerks desk, speak to Berry who says he gets these Armed Services requests 3 times a week and is more than happy to print them out but alas, he can't fax them. This poses a problem as I need them by tomorrow morning and obviously, the mail would not be that speedy. But! The awesome Berry told me not to worry and that he could take care of it. In fact, he said my father could even come pick them up and fax them to me rather having to wait on the mail services. Points to Berry.

Total time on the phone with Berry: 4:42.

Had I just encountered intelligence from the outset, an hour and 45 minutes could've been shaved by a good 100 minutes, thereby saving me a headache.

But then again, this was a court system were talking about...and a Georgia one at that. I swear every operater sounded fresh from the farm. :|

I know this is what I get for trusted the voice on the other end of the phone but considering it was their JOBS to know this information, I didn't think they were leading me afoul despite how obsurd their directions were.

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