daemonaquila (daemonaquila) wrote in bad_service,

What the Frell is drive through for?

Not a big deal, but really annoying first thing in the morning when your need for caffeine and your addiction to mass quantities of diet Dr. Pepper collide and the only thing that will do is Sonic's Route 44 cup o' happiness...

My commute is about 45 minutes, mostly through countryside (and I love it). Just as I get into town, there's a Sonic where I can get that cup o' happiness, and this morning I flew into the drive-through just in time that I shouldn't be late for work. What did I get?

"We're doing a shift change. Can you please pull into a stall and wait?"

Hell. No. You idiots have been open for hours. You don't have the excuse of having problems opening the store. You don't frelling close for a frelling shift change. That is, unless your management is so frelling incompetent that it can't walk and chew gum at the same time. If you are running the count on the till and changing it over, you can take the order and enter it on one of the OTHER registers. No, I'm not going to take 10 frelling minutes (or more) to get a frelling cup of soda!
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