Shalen (buesefus) wrote in bad_service,

I know its only Zellers, but still...

So a me and a buddy of mine were in Zellers yesterday as I needed to buy a towel for the gym. Noticed a few people mulling about working, it was arounf 5:15 or so. So I( find my towel and head up front to see a huge line. I also notice there are no other registers open. The entire front end is dead except one poor old woman who's stuck with a line-up going into the aisles. So 2 minutes later without the line moving much, a supervisor comes over and simply says "Go to jewelry!" then walks away. A few head over, most come back saying the jewelry woman was slow nad had jewelry customers. The supervisor is still just standing around watching this line grow. We saw people working, someone in the store must be cash-trained. Even the courtesy desk guy is standing around, watching this line grow.

Then of course the inevitable happens - a price check. The supervisor proceeds to wander over and take her time, asking if the cashier wants to call the department or should the supervisor go check it out. The supervisor decides to go check it out, but goes to the courtesy desk and tells him something. I mention to my fridn that maybe he's opening, so he goes to check it out. The guy doesn't yell that he's open, he simply motions to my fridn to come over while leaving the huge line building. He gives a half-assed apology and says they're short-staffed. Except for, of course, the lazy ass supervisor and the dozens of workers we saw standing around through the store. Its no wonder I never shop there...good times.

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