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Mum and I recently went to CD Plus to find a movie for my Dad's Christmas present. The movie is hard to find and we thought we could order it.

Mum - A tired, 50 year old woman who justs wants to get one more thing done and then go home.
SA - Stupid Attendant.

SA: Hi. Can I help you?
Mum: Yes, I'm looking for A Simple Wish with Martin Short.
SA: I can check on the computer.
Mum: Thank you.

So he goes to the computer, Mum and I are looking around. I'm watching SA and he moves away from the computer and starts wandering around aimlessly. We're the only people in the store, other than the fellow cashier. Finally, after five minutes when we notice he isn't doing anything...

Mum: Did you find A Simple Wish?
SA: Oh. I was distracted.

...By what? There was nobody in the store and his co-worker didn't talk to him or anything. Geez! Distracted by nothing.

Mum: Distracted?
SA: Yeah-
Mum: Nevermind then. *Leaves with me*
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