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So a few weeks back I posted about how excited I was that Adelphia was being bought out by Comcast. I figured my service could only improve, because there was no way it could possibly get worse, right?
*cue hysterical laughter*

Anyway, three days ago I lost my internet connection. It kept re-routing me to the Comcast homepage, and then prompting me to set up my internet connection by plugging in my account number. Except that since Comcast *just* bought Adelphia, I haven't the foggiest idea what my account number would be.
Call them up, sit on hold for over half an hour. I finally get a rep who gives me my account number, but unfortunately it doesn't let me connect. So he starts a ticket, told me someone would call me once the situation was fixed. He claimed my account information hadn't been transferred properly from Adelphia, and that was the issue.

24 hours later, no call from Comcast, no internet. I call them back, only wait on hold for 20 minutes this time. I get a rep with a VERY heavy inner city accent, and she gets rude and condescending when I ask her to repeat herself -- I really couldn't understand what she was saying! Eventually she puts me on hold while she does her thing -- for half an hour. She comes back on the line, apologizes for taking so long. I tell her I need to eat some dinner, can she call me if she needs any more info from me? Nope, but she told me to try my connect later that evening, I should be up and running.

I try connecting before going to bed, but I still have no luck. I go to sleep, and hope the internet will magically fix itself overnight.

I wake up, STILL NO INTERNETS. Grr. I call them yet again, this time I am only on hold for 10 minutes (w00t!). This rep now informs me that there is a server down in my area, but service should be restored within 24 hours. I ask if I can be credited for the time that my connection was down, but he told me I would have to call a *fourth* time to get that taken care of, once they finally connect me again.

So now I am ranting from my part-time job at Radio Shack. Luckily there haven't been many customers so I don't feel too guilty about slacking on the job :) Because otherwise *I* would end up in Bad_Service...

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