Guess Who (lightsdarkangel) wrote in bad_service,
Guess Who

I'm thinking this isn't so much bad services, as much as annoying service.

My sister used to live with me [it was I lived with her, then when I got a place, she stayed with me until SHE got a place, no big deal] and when She moved out, she took her phone and internet with her. Okay, I can handle that. It's nothing major. So the week before my sister moves, I call up to request new services for the phone and internet, and they say okay, the phone will be on Monday, and the Internet on Wednesday [why two days, I don't really know but thats not the point]. Wednesday comes and goes, and I can't connect. I reinstall my ethernet drivers, reinstall Zoomtown [my internet provider I guess that's what one would call them] and still, nothing works. The light is on, but it's as though no one is home.

So, I call them up, and they have no idea what is going on, and the one guy I was talking to, said that he would forward the call to his supervisor and his supervisor would call me back. I gave my cell number because I wasn't planning on being home at all the next day, and he could just leave a message if I wasn't able to answer.

Does he call? Your guess is as good as mine as I have no idea what the number is, and when I DO get any phone call, I'm unable to answer it on time, but no one left a voice mail, so I'm not too sure as to who called me. [Only one person called that wasn't in my address book, so I'm guessing it was them.]

Fast forward a week later, many calls and many reboots to my system later [including a new OS put in, yay for me I guess] THEN today [a total week and a half without service] they call me up and say it was on their end, and I should be able to get on now. [My dad called them yesterday and they said they THINK it's on their end, but they weren't sure yet].

So, yea, annoying service. Do you think It would be bad for me to call them up and ask about a credit to my account for the week and a half I wasn't able to get online? It's not as though I'm asking for the full month, just a week and a half ....

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