nessaneko (nessaneko) wrote in bad_service,

NZ Post, I am not impressed.

Bah. I'm unimpressed right now.
Background 1) I've been waiting on an artbook from the States for a week or so now. (I spent $50 on it including shipping - normally retails for a hundred, so I got a good deal, but $50 still makes an expensive book for a poor college student.)
Background 2) This week we've been having absolutely torrential rain. Our front door also tends to flood up a bit in front of it, since the water doesn't drain away properly. (Bad service on part of our property managers, but that's another story.) We do, however, have a letter box with both a box on top with a slot for letters (which you empty by opening a door behind) and a lower box which is open at the front, suitable for leaving packages in. Despite the rain, and perhaps because of it (as I don't want my package sitting in a mail box all day in damp weather), I've been running out to the letterbox a few times each day to check that my package hasn't arrived, because overseas packages don't get delivered at the same time as regular mail. Nope, hasn't arrived, ah well. It often takes a little while to clear through Customs/pass from the international mail carrier to New Zealand Post who deliver it within NZ. So I'm not too worried.
Cue the suck. I get up this morning. It's been raining torrentially overnight, is still pouring. I get dressed, wander out, figure I should check the mail box, and open the front door. I then trip over my package, which has been dumped in a PUDDLE of water outside my front door, which has absolutely no shelter and is possibly the wettest location of anywhere they could leave it.
I curse a bit, pick up the parcel, and curse some more. It's wrapped in a packing bag of white somewhat oiled paper which hasn't stood up well to being sat in a puddle. This package is so wet that when I begin to cut it open, rivulets of water begin to pour from the corners. I take off the wet outer wrapping. Okay, it's then wrapped in shock-absorbing cardboard, which is also soaking wet. Thank god for the seller, as they've thoroughly wrapped the book in plastic first. If not for their good service, my $50 mint-condition artbook would have been ruined, because some New Zealand Post worker thought that for some reason, it would be better to deliver a package to a puddle outside my front door with no protection from the rain, instead of in a relatively dry and protected MAIL BOX. Um...okay.
I think I'm going to call up and have a chat with my local post office. This isn't the first time they've screwed me around - they've left notes saying they couldn't deliver a package, but when I've picked them up, the mail centre clerk has said that the package could definitely have been delivered. Things like diplomas and photos, marked "Do not crease" have been folded in half and shoved through the letter slot. So yes. I am not very happy. Happier than I would have been if not for the plastic wrap, though!

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