Dancing on the Edge of Reason (imitationangel) wrote in bad_service,
Dancing on the Edge of Reason

Bad Service/Extra Service

I've been reading this community for about a year now but this is the first time I've ever had the need to post.

Cue venting...

I called and made an appointment for my youngest to go to the dentist for a filling. Our regular dentist [the owner] was unavailable so the appt. was made with one of his new colleagues. I said I would not be able to attend with her [I am disabled and going through a period where travel is painful. They know this.], mentioned she was at high school [In Australia, that's between the ages of 12-16] and the girl taking the appt. said that was fine. Also made arrangements for daughter to bring home the account and to pay it on Monday. I am a disability pensioner; they also know this.

Saturday: Daughter goes to appt. then after that to a friend's house. She calls me late Sat. afternoon about something unrelated and informs me that the dentist did not do the filling as she is under the age of 16 and he needed me there to 'authorise' it.

He wouldn't do the filling but he apparently then had no damned problem doing an unauthorised $260 cleaning and flouride treatment!!!!!!!!!!!

What the HELL?

In what universe is that acceptable fair business practise??

My daughter is 14 and very mild-mannered, not the sort to question an adult/professional's decisions.

I've been going to this same dental surgery all my life and this is the second time in recent years that a dentist currently employed by 'my' dentist [he owns the place] has done this! The first time it was my eldest daughter who went in [age 16] for a possible filling. When it turned out no filling was needed, her teeth were cleaned and I had to pay for it.

$260 for an unauthorised and unwanted treatment!!

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