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This is my first post, please be gentle! :)

I recently wrote a letter to the National Student Loans in some hopes I'd get some help:

I'm writing in regards to my Student Loan, as I really cannot get through with the phone. The menu will answer my number requests with "Thank you" and will hang up on me. I spent a very long time trying to get through, and eventually gave up and just hoped I could clear it up when your systems were functioning. Because the systems are the same every time, and I'm getting increasingly concerned, I chose to e-mail you.

I currently owe $190.68 on one loan and $39 or so on the other. I have a number of concerns that I was hoping you could address?
(That means per month; hell, if that was my total loan, I wouldn't be bitching!)

The first, is that until January, there is no way I will ever have that amount of money in my possession due to other bills (such as rent and power) and other commitments. I had requested a financial aid package and I never got it - just like I haven't been getting most of my bills. Not getting bills is my personal issue, however, as this doesn't happen only with your financial division - it includes all my bills and personal mail, so, as I'm in an apartment building with a very lax and improper mail system, I'm making the assumption that my mail is being sent to #203 or some such.

The second concern is that when I at first thought I could afford to pay these bills, I had set up automatic withdrawel along with a void check faxed and my financial information including a rate change. This has never been applied, and funds have never been automatically withdrawn. (At the time, I didn't realize how severely my surgery was going to effect my wages and living expenses.)

The third, last, and primary concern that I have is that I do not believe I really should be paying a student loan. I believe that yes, it should be paid, but I believe the private college I went to should be paying for it - I was charged ridiculous extra amounts by them for course rules I was never aware of - such as the fact that they charged me an additional $3,000+ for missing the first Monday and the last Friday of a semester, which automatically failed me, despite the fact I had the highest marks in my class and completed all assignments within the first two days of every course they gave me. They went through staff at a ridiculous speed - I had four teachers for one class - and only one of them knew what they were doing. The rest admitted they didn't know and were learning as well. I ended up privately tutoring one of the students for no additional pay and a friend of the place where I now work tutored another, due to the fact that the teachers could not teach us. I got job placement on my own (despite their promises to do it for us), and I dropped out of the course with a letter from the director - and yet I still have to pay for a course that I taught myself? They did not have up to date software or hardware despite what they promised, none of the students got job placement apart from myself from my own work, none of us were made aware of how little the course had, and we were all outright lied to about the wages we would be receiving later on. Not only that, but if I had followed what the teachers had taught us, I would have lost my current job - they outright taught us lies. If we had followed our instructors and worked with the printers the way we were taught, we would have had the potential to completely ruin huge projects with companies later on. I honestly feel that I could have taught the course with the little bit of knowledge I had. In my references, the teachers stated I could have as well - for all facets of what they were teaching. And I went into this course showing them what I all ready knew and they told me that they would be teaching entirely new concepts - which they did NOT. So now I am stuck with a $10,000+ debt for a course I never recieved. This entire process has been so disturbing to me, I have been discussing with a lawyer the fees that would be associated with appealing my loan and suing the college for all of the lying they have done - and for the damage that they are doing to young and old people alike. I am not the only one to have experienced this - so has Dennis G******* (the student I tutored) and two other students of whom I admit the names escape me. Sean S*****, if I recall correctely, and Roseanne, whose last name I never knew.

Before any assumptions are made that I am only claiming this regarding how poor the teachers were - the college called me last week offering me a job: to teach the course. I have had NO teaching experience at all, I have only completed 4 months of college and have a highschool diploma, and, well, I'm only 19! They were willing to hire me without any references, or even a resume, based only on the fact that I went to perhaps 40% of the course, no questions asked! Why should I have to pay anything other than book fees when I taught myself everything from a course I was never taught?! I always recommend against anyone going to Kelowna's Vancouver Career College since my experience with them.

I'm very sorry if any of my letter has had a very negative feel to it, I'm just honestly very frustrated and angry that I have had to deal with this educational facility, and it in no way reflects the job that your department has been doing - you've been very efficient and polite, and PATIENT, despite the little phone frustration.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding. I'm very sorry to inconvenience you with my continued delayed payments.

Ashford (Your local sign shop loser. :D)

(***) ***-****

The school truly was terrible. They had made up laws to get more money out of you.

Background: I work at a sign shop (Speedpro Signs) as a graphic designer. We're a chain of sign stores in North America, primarily Canada. We overcharge for a regular sign by about 20% but are at least 65% faster than our competitors. Thus, Speedpro. For every sign centre in a city, there is (usually) a print centre. They're supposed to work in conjunction with each other.

Now, we have issues with our sister company, so we outsource about five hours away to a shop on the west coast. This shop is C Imaging Center. A wonderful woman named Karen used to work there - she's amazing. We keep ties with her just as friends, she was so great. Recently, though, she retired. With Karen retiring, she handed over the shop to the buyers... who are now running ruining it.

Well, they sure as hell aren't Karen, are they?

First Order Problems:

1a) Sand in the laminate. When there is sand in the laminate, or any other hard substance, it will break through the laminate over time and the elements will get under and wreak havoc on the print. So they were NOT good for print.

1b) i. We sent out decals: 100% Red, 100% Yellow, 100% Green, 100% Black. In vector format. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HARD PEOPLE! Yet, they were so LAZY as to not select the centres of the letters... so we had orange and yellow. Orange. Yellow. . It's NOT HARD! One of these is not like the other, people! Jesus fuckin....

1b) ii. Oh, and the other part of that order? Instead of yellow, it was snot green. ... Yeah. GREAT! That's EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED WHEN WE SAID 100% yellow!

1b) iii. What the fuck is that on the yellow? A huge drop of red? I can see how none of the others have that red, I'm not blind, nor am I stupid. Your ink head is dripping, and saying, "OUR INK HEADS DO NOT DRIP!!!! INK HEADS DON'T DRIP!!1!111" when Karen who ran the shop for 10+ years has reprinted for us saying, "Here is a sample, I had to reprint because the ink head dripped. Sorry, it'll be in the next shipment!" and you, a pup in the industry, say, "INK HEDS DO NOT DRIP!!!1 WTFOMG" makes us want to smack you. HARD. With a bat. A bat with nails. Not only that, but that same drip was in another print a month ago and we let it go because you were new. I WONDER HOW THE SAME DRIP HAPPENED TWICE IF IT WAS NOT IN THE ORIGINAL VECTOR ART? /caps lock abuse

1c) Stop. Rolling. The... aragahgheoaighaeg ejofgi aweg yeah, like that, that's how I feel about the next one. Okay, basics: decals are vinyl, even printed ones. Vinyl wrinkles if it's crunched up. Vinyl also shifts and moves. You ALWAYS roll vinyl on the outside LOOSELY or else it will wrinkle, bubble, shift, and do all sorts of unsavoury things. Well. When you take a core (about 4" in diameter) and ROLL UP everything in a tight cylinder and SHOVE it into the core, not AROUND, INTO!, it's going to mess things up. Not only that, but you did it on PERFORATED. Oh, the same perf you didn't laminate to the edges, GEE THANKS. And you did this with decals that shifted on top of each other and were garbage. No problem, you didn't know. SO, we warn you about it.

Today, we got an order? DECALS ON THE INSIDE OF THE CORE. Again. Well how about we bend over and offer you the lube while you're at it? Because we all KNOW you're going to just bitch and moan and piss about how this was the COURIERS fault... because the Courier OBVIOUSLY took apart your vinyl-wrapped package, took the prints and paper off of the core, rolled it up neatly and put it inside. ... WTF, are we STUPID to you people?!

1d) When we put a date required by, it means in our hands, not the art in yours. Dicks. Now we have to wait FOUR DAYS (Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Monday.) for our customer to be happy. (Unlike you guys, we will come in on weekends and/or drop things off for customers to their business/homes.) Assholes.

1e) Okay, so why is your black leaking a red haze? Because your magenta toner is dying, that's why. And getting your panties in a twist about us telling you this because your MACHINE GETS SERVICED EVERY WEEK OMG U DO NOT KNOW OUR BIZNISS!!1!! does not impress us, nor does it make us want to go easy on you.

Out of 7 signs, we sent 4 back. (Parking Signs)
Out of 2 perf, we sent 2 back. (Camper Guys)
Out of 18 decals, we sent 12 back. (Ferarri Geek)
Out of 20 decals, we sent 20 back. (Carson Air Craft that they need to fly! WTF!)

That's... 40/47 bad. That's 15% success rate. That's NOT WORTH OUR MONEY! Then you didn't have the time to fix the order by Friday. You informed us of this in the most dismissive way. So we needed them Wednesday of that week. You sent them and we got them Friday. Then, you print them on Monday, they off-gas on Tuesday, you ship them on Wednesday and we get them Thursday? That's more than a week late! We are SPEEDpro Signs, and so are you, get your act together!

Second Print Order (last week)

2a) Great, the map is beautiful. Yay, you did something right! I had to send the stupid piece of crap in a .tif format so you didn't fuck it up.

2b) .... I e-mailed you all the pantones. This is where it gets interesting:
The image is blue, black, dark blue, red, and white. NOT HARD, k? It's all in vector, and we don't know wtf you freaks have been doing, so we give it to you so you can fix the colours for us. We give you Avery Chart Colours, WHICH YOU HAVE. This year's, at that! "Please match the light blue in the logo to Vivid Blue (insert technical number) and the dark in the logo to Impulse Blue (insert technical number)." We sent you something with black text, blue border, red & white box, and basic logo. What we got back? Dark blue text, blue border, red & white box, faded purple logo.
Waitaminute, WHAT? Where in that e-mail did I say, "Make the logo purple and fade it to look like shit, my customer would love that. :)"? I don't think I could have been ANY more specific. And I asked for one, not two... why did you charge me???

2c) On the same vein, we have this amazing little pantone chart you guys sent us when Karen was there that matches your printer. So we just look at that, see what colour it'll look like, then tell you what pantone we want. We grabbed all these pantones right off your damn chart. "Could I have it pantone 288C, blah blah blah". Wow, I asked for PMS729, which is ON YOUR CHART and YOU said you couldn't match it. Um. It's on your chart, yes you can. You asked for CMYK, I gave it to you. The same CMYK we always use for gold. I think warning bells should have been ringing right about then, huh? Well, I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box and made the leap of faith that you were just having a blonde moment.
Apparently you're having a blonde MONTH or something! Okay, GOLD does NOT mean SHIT BROWN. Also, GREY down not mean GREEN. SILVER does not mean WHITE. There is something wrong with this. Not only that, but you did NOT use the same colours as us! You just clicked whatever you wanted, you didn't go Select -> Same Colour. It's NOT HARD TO DO! I know you use Illustrator CS just like me, I know you can click two menu options and click "OK" and save yourself $50! Christ.


So we reported you to head office, HA HA HA HA HA HA you have a formal complaint. You deserve it. WRITTEN UP MUCH? Yes, you are impossible to work with and we are considering taking our $1000+ order business AWAY FROM YOU. And I know you're small; $1000 a month in the winter and $2000 - $8000 through the summer is a BIG chunk of your income. You don't want to piss off one of your major money suppliers, k?

Maybe Speedpro Imaging R will be nicer to us, and so much more grateful that we throw all this their way instead of yours with so much patience. :)

-A Very Disgruntled Designer (I was recently upgraded to Production Manager, whoo!) Who Is Losing Business

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  • Time Warner's Failure to Communicate

    I signed up with Time Warner back in September of 2009 when I moved into an apartment complex that only allowed their cable services and no one else.…

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