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First poster.

My first post here. Don’t think it’s that long but decided to use a cut anyway. Cross posted in devotchka.

Today, instead of taking my younger brother to see Peter Pan me and Red decided to take him to our favorite restaurant, Blue Koi. Granted we go to this restaurant at least once a week and sometimes twice a week. (We just ate there 5 days ago!)
Since this is our favorite restaurant we tend to get the same waiters/waitresses - this time was different. This day we went maybe a few hours earlier than we normally do.
We were seated by our regular host, as we sat there for about 5 minutes another guy comes and brings us water, he tells us that our waiter will be with us in a moment. We got this redheaded waiter named Scott and he is busy helping another table - so we wait and look at our menus.

Finally ten minutes later Scott comes to take our orders - not apologizing for the wait - after passing us by multiple times. Taking forever to bring our drinks he continues to not even make eye contact with us. He spends extra time at other tables making sure everyone had everything they need. So we wait and continued to be ignored - we’re sitting right next to where water/silverware/condiments are located. We notice that our actual waiter is giving great service to all the other tables. Even going as far to kneeling to take orders.

Two tables leave and we continue to reiieve the silent treatment from him. He came by once and asked us if we wanted some “item” - I said no and before anyone else could say anything he has quickly scampered off - he talks to us in this weird flat tone. (He is laughing and warm with the other patrons.)

He finally brings out our food leaving off our rice and says he will be right back. (There is always rice ready in the rice cooker by the bar - usually the waiter/waitress brings it first.) We wait. We Wait. We are steady getting more and more pissed. Notice that he spends more time on cleaning the tables than waiting on us. We call some of our friends and ask them to join us. (We jokingly say because the waiter doesn’t like us. We are all black. Our friends are white. )

I have finished half of my entree, my friend has finished half of the scallion biscuit before he comes back with 3 bowls of rice. Our friends finally arrive. Our service goes from 0 to 5 in two minutes flat! All of a sudden we are being served by the owner’s wife! She takes my friends drink orders and brings them out in a timely manner. She refills my brothers drink. Then she proceeds to take their food orders. (In a restaurant that is not that busy the owner’s wife should never have to serve/take orders.)

After about 5 minutes he comes to take my friends orders - too late. The restaurant is not that busy. My friends notice the way he talks to us and completely ignores us - they begin to get pissed as well. I get so pissed off and frustrated that I start to cry - the only time I have really cried in front of a group of people was when I broke my leg! It just finally got to me. Red was ready to kick his ass! My little brother cannot understand why the waiter ignores us.

This is all of our favorite restaurant. Often my friend tips well above 20% and closer to probably 50%. I do not have the money he does so I usually tip from 15% to 20%. This is our first time with this specific waiter. Red notices that the waiter is getting bitched at by the owners wife.
Finally we ask him for our check. He hurries over with it. (Surprise!)

So pissed off we debate giving him a tip. (First time!) We do not give him a tip. My friend Johnny writes a note on his receipt explaining why we did not give him a tip. Service as such does not deserve a tip.

Next week is my birthday and I was planning on eating at this place but I do not feel comfortable returning to this place. If ever seated with this waiter I will ask to be seated elsewhere. Never will this waiter get a tip from me. Other than that the waiters/waitresses/hosts always provided great service, but we are still left angry after this experience.

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