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DHL can go to hell

Oh. My. God.

We receive weekly deliveries from a warehouse down south. Because Receptionist pretty much refuses to deal with, you know, couriers, I'm stuck with it.

A few months ago the warehouse changed to a 3rd party managed service that uses DHL. Fine right? Courier company, should be ok.

Within the first few months we had several pre-9:00am deliveries that showed up at, wait for it, 6:30am. I suspect it's because we're right near the depot. So, I call DHL and ask them if they can't deliver between 8:00-9:00. They say they'll 'try.' Sure enough, the next one comes in at 6:50am.

The first time the new courier company came to us, the delivery driver said 'GEE YOUR OFFICE IS A TIP.' Which struck me as rude. I just looked at him and said 'I didn't ask and could you please leave those boxes over there, thanks.' After he, again, tried to deliver a package to an office building at 10 to 7 (for the record, there isn't anyone here except security at that time. Security don't take packages.)

After this, he just gives me attitude. He drops boxes wherever he feels like it and makes a big deal of putting them where I ask.

Exasperated, I explain the situation regarding the pre-9:00s and ask them why they insist on delivering first thing in the morning. I conclude this with 'essentially, every time we use you for a pre-9:00, you're just going to leave a card right?' He grunted and wandered off.

So, I send an e-mail to the warehouse and people in the company basically saying 'Don't use DHL for pre-9:00am delivery. Use Citylink.' And everyone is happy.

Then other things start happening. My working hours are from 9-5:30. Occasionally, if I'm completely rushed, I'll come in early. Someone at the office that does the ordering didn't get the memo about DHL being a pile of shit for pre-9:00s. So we get a few more, except not.

On more than one occasion they said they tried to deliver while people were in the office. They left cards. On a few other occasions, they didn't even leave a card and lied about it.

The best one was yesterday.

Security called me to go downstairs and meet DHL. I thought that was a bit odd, considering they're really supposed to bring the packages up themselves. I wander down and find they're not in the lobby. The delivery driver (new one) is actually sitting in his truck. I knock on his window:

Me: 'Hi.'
Him: 'Oh, they didn't tell you to bring a trolley?'
Me: 'Er. No. Why would they tell me to bring a trolley?'
Him: 'Because I don't have one.'
Me: 'You are aware you're a delivery driver, right?'
Him: 'Well, I just do documents.'
Me: 'Why are you delivering our boxes?'
Him: 'Well, what it is see*, is the driver that covers this area had an argument with a lady and now he can't anymore.'
Me: *knows exactly what he's talking about* 'right. So DHL send me a driver that doesn't have a trolley with heavy boxes'
Him: 'Yeah.'
Me: 'Just take the packages back to your depot and send a delivery driver that can deliver the packages.'

I called 'customer service' who then told me that it wasn't their, reminder this is DHL, responsibility to have trolleys on the van.

What. the. fuck?

Eventually the idiots did deliver our boxes. But not until after they lost the account.

*Such a Mancunian thing, I hate it.
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