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The boyfriend and I went to Best Buy today to buy some DVDs and laugh at the people camped outside waiting for PS3. When we were paying, we were dealing with the cashier, who was young, my age, maybe 25 tops. Really nice guy. The trainer, however, was not. He was older, maybe early to mid-sixties, which is probably explains his behavior, but not so much:

Boyfriend: [gives dvds, rewardzone card, coupons.]
Trainer: [instructs the scanning.]
Cashier: [scans.] Okay, cool. total is $xx.xx.
Boyfriend: [holds up debit card] Debit. I just swipe right here, right?
Cashier: Yeah.
Trainer: Ooh, good thing it was approved. If it wasn't, we would have had to hold your girlfriend hostage.
Boyfriend: [laughs] Oh, you can take her anyway. Put her to work, get me some employee discounts! Give her a job! [Cashier, Trainer, and I all laugh.]
Me: I have a job!
Trainer: He doesn't think you need a job, he just thinks you need someone to teach you how to treat a man. [my jaw drops.] You should stay here, do my dishes, my laundry, like a good woman. [jaw hits the floor.]
Boyfriend: [not realizing how offended I am] Haha, good luck with that.

We leave, and I was fuming. My boyfriend hadn't really been listening, so when I repeated what he had said, Boyfriend asked if I wanted him to go back and punch the guy. I declined the offer, but appreciated the chivalry. lol.

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