Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Cell Phone suckage

In Southern IL, one of the main cell phone companies was First Cellular. This past summer they were bought out by Alltel wireless. The FC employees kept telling customers that it would be soo much better since they are a national chain. They said the prices of phones would drop but the quality would go up. They said that if you were under contract, Alltel couldn't alter your bill until your contract was up.

So here's the deal...I've had my phone since 2000. Every 2 years I renew my contract for another 2 so I can get new phone at a nice discount. In 6 years, I have never had a problem with First Cellular. My bill has always been paid on time or early, never late.

So cue the suckage...

In September I received a notice from Alltel saying that our insurance plan was going to change from $3.95 to $5.00, but the coverage would be better. If there is a phone defect, it only costs $15.00 to replace instead of $50. It also said that until we changed our plan from a First Cell to an Alltel plan, nothing besides the insurance would change. That made my parents happy because they have the SI Unlimited plan, which is 10,000 minutes for $59.99 a month.

On Oct. 25th our phone bill was due. My husband went to pay it and was told that it was $78 instead of $106 like it usually was (we have 3 phones on our plan). Joe paid the $78 expecting to have to pay the remainder next month. The following week I got a text message from Alltel saying that my bill was due. A few hours later, I started getting phone calls.

I called the 1800 number and spoke to a representative. They told me that I wasn't an authorized user and they couldn't tell me anything about my bill, but they would let me pay it. I had my husband call in, even though he was all spuky with the stomache flu. He got my name placed back on as an authorized user and explained to one of the CSRs what happened. He said that he would waive the late payment fee and make sure that they would quit calling about my bill.

Que yesterday. I received another text message and phone call about my bill, which I just got the new one in the mail yesterday. It was for $233, $106 that was "past due" and $125 for the new month. What the hell. I checked and they are charging me for the $3.95 FC insurance per phone PLUS $5 per phone for Alltel insurance. My bill isn't due for another 10 freaking days. I never got a notice saying they changed the due date and the CSR was supposed to make them quit calling. I'm going to straighten it out tomorrow when I go to pay my bill. We'll see what happens.
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