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Hair Salon Woes

My hairdresser recently moved salons (by recently I mean in the last year), and since he has moved I have had NO end of problems with the girl that makes appointments and answers phones there. Her recent performances however, have annoyed me so much I am on the verge of changing salons totally. My hairdresser and I are personal friends, and I LOVE what he does with my hair, which is why I keep going back, but I am trying to figure out what to say about this that might actually garner some results. The situation is as follows:

2.5 weeks ago I called to make an appointment. She offers me Wednesday afternoon last week at 2:30pm. I told her I can't get out of work until 3pm at the earliest. She says, "He has 3:30pm. Will that work?" I say yes (even though it will require me taking time off of work) and we're good to go. I plan my schedule around this appointment, show up at 3:20pm, say I have an appointment with Andy and she says, "sure, have a seat and he'll be right with you." I sit down and start reading a magazine. Andy comes out, sees me and gets a strange look on his face. He goes over to her desk and they have some intense whispered discussion. I'm getting a bad feeling. Another girl walks in and announces that she has an appointment with Andy. I know what's coming.

The receptionist, Lauren, trots over to me with the appointment book, and says the following:

"Yeah, so I guess I thought you were coming in tomorrow night at 6:30pm. We'll have to reschedule you."

Me: (repeat of phone conversation when we made the appointment)

Her: Oh well, sorry. (Said in the most NOT sorry, lazy way)

Her: So when do you want to come in?

Me: Can I take 5:30 a week from today?

Her: Ok, I'm putting you down for 5:30 on Wed the 15th.

My hairdresser comes over at this point and apologizes. I appreciate it, but it's not really his fault and I feel like Lauren should be making more of an effort to make this right, but she obviously doesn't care. At this point, I leave, pissed, but ready to forgive it again because I don't usually hold grudges or anger for long.

Then Friday I get a message on my cell phone:

"Hi, this is Lauren from Above Ground, can you call me? I need to reschedule your appointment on Wednesday. We have a staff meeting and I didn't block it out on Andy's schedule."

No sorries, no nothing. Just a VM that sounded like I was annoying her for scheduling my appointment at that time.

I didn't call back.

This morning, I get another call from her. She's calling to confirm my appointment tomorrow.

I very calmly say: "Well Lauren, I'm a little confused, you called and left me a message on Friday saying you had to reschedule that appointment."

Her: "Oh that's right, I still haven't blocked out Andy's schedule. *airhead laugh* When do you want to come in?"

After trying about 10 different times and days, nothing could get scheduled. She is by far the most air-headed, rude, lazy receptionist I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. My hairdresser is supposed to call me himself at some point, and I'm trying to formulate what I should say.

Arrgh. Sorry that this is so long.
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