Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

BCR 18887142338

For several days, since last week, I've been getting phone calls from (Caller ID says) BCR 18887142338 with the actual phone being 619-374-0126. No idea who it is so I Googled them but nothing came up under BCR or the 888 number however, Googling 619-374-0126 yields this result. According to the majority of complaints, this company is a fraud and try to get people to pay on either non-existent claims (such as EBay accounts) or on Cingular/AT&T accounts. I decided to answer the call today due to the fact that I DID have a Cingular/AT&T account and wanted to see what this was about. I answered and was prompted to remain on the line for the next available representative, so I waited a minute (which goes to my annoyance that YOU called ME, so don't put me on hold with your automated system). At any rate... the conversation (no names have been changed but my phone number is of course not made available to the public):

Me: Hello?
Rep: Is Mr. Zander Kington available?
Me: I'm sorry but you have the wrong number.
Rep: Is this ###-###-####?
Me: Yes it is but there is no Zander Kington available at this number.
Rep: Are you sure?
Me: *thinking of course I'm sure of who lives here!* Yes, I'm sure. *amused*
Rep: And with who am I talking to? (Yup, she said WHO not WHOM.)
Me: Why you're talking to me of course but I'm not a Mr. Zander Kington. I'm not even a Kington at all.
Rep: Are you his girlfriend?
Me: *laughs* Uh no, you have the wrong number. Obviously this Kington gave out a fake phone number to whatever it is he applied to.
Rep: Oh okay. Thank you for your time. *hangs up*

The phone call wasn't exactly bad service BUT it's pretty annoying to get someone questioning who you are and pretty much making you feel as if you're lying to them (which is what her tone was). I know that people DO lie about if so-and-so is available, especially when it comes to collection agencies, however at the same time they shouldn't keep pushing the matter. The conversation took less then two minutes but it was still an annoying two minutes. What's more is that it seems as if this particular company has some aggressive tactics. Hopefully, I won't be getting daily phone calls for a person who does not reside here let alone someone I never heard of before!
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