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Just sucky

It's not so bad, but this place (Hungry Jacks - think Burger King) almost always has awesome staff and rarely screw me...

Was getting busy, group of idiot highschoolers (not all are idiots, this group was) were in front of me being assholes with their order. Line opened up next to me and I was called over (awesome, no waiting forever, or so I thought) and made my order - whopper with cheese, no pickles. I step to the side and the guy takes the next order.

Waited about 5 mins for my burger which isn't too bad - but... the guy walks off and tells the other girl on the register that the order is for the blind and pointed in my direction (I hate it when people refer to those with disabilities as 'the blind/chair/cane' etc) the girl nodded and kept taking orders, checking things, and doing a few billion things at once.

Get my burger, she forgets my drink - runs around for another minute and then grabs me a cup and says to fill it myself. Again can understand that they're busy - but as it was so delicately pointed out, I'm blind. She ran off again and I went to get coke - ended up with less than usual because of my lovely lack of depth perception.

Ran to catch my train, started eating my burger while waiting for the next bus... All was well and good except I forgot to order no mayo as well, until - I bit into a pickle. Mayo I just don't like much, pickles on the other hand make me feel sick. Unfortunately I didn't realize and had to swallow it. Byebye burger. You'd think with the order being repeated by 2 different people multiple times would have got through. Still feeling sick from it and it's been an hour *sighs*

Wasn't all bad though, woman in the drug store was awesome helping me check out wrist braces, guy with my discontinued-and-broken sunglasses frame is doing all he can to find a repai, and the girl in the pet store always goes above and beyond :-P
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