Tyu (tyu_utamara) wrote in bad_service,

Inter.net CA

A month ago, I decided to get a VOIP service so I could call long distance for cheap since I only have a cellphone. I did a search for a company that would service my area (Halifax, NS, Canada) and came across Inter.net. So I signed up, and received my little phone adapter in the mail.

Problem one, the instructions that came with the thing only showed me how to set it up without a home network. I already had a router so I was unsure which order the devices needed to be plugged in. I emailed their support email to find out, and in the meantime did my own research. I found out that it did not matter which order they were plugged in, so I plugged it into my router. I did not get an email back from Inter.net. My next problem was the configuration. The phone adapter also functioned as a router, and it needed some settings changed, but I could not get into the admin panel with the IP I was supplied with. I had to find out on my own what it was. Add to that, the admin login and password I was supplied with to the configuration would not work. I suspected the adapter was used, returned, and not reset.

Problem two. I could not activate my account on their website. I logged in, put in my activation code, and it told me it was activated. However, upon logging out and logging back in, none of the information I changed in my account was reflected, and I still had a huge button telling me "THIS ACCOUNT NEEDS TO BE ACTIVATED!" So I emailed their support again and waited a week. Nothing. Emailed again, waited another few days, still nothing. So I sent another email to them using the webform on their site, telling them I had emailed many times before needing help, that I still needed help, and if they could not help me then I wanted the service canceled and my money returned. Still no email in return. I contacted the better business bureau who bounced me all over the place finally telling me they could do nothing with this company.

Cut to today, I receive a NOVEMBER invoice from Inter.net, they charged me over FIFTY dollars for a service that was only supposed to cost about $20 a month because they charged me double for a service I haven't even been able to use or CANCEL. What am I going to do? Should I call my credit card company and get a cease payment? Will they get my money back for me? I don't know what to do, I am at my wits end.

This is not just bad service, this is terrible service, and I'm not sure what I can do to get my money back or get this service canceled. I am extremely stretched for cash right now, and I haven't even been able to use this service at all.

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