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Collectrite O.o

A while back, I used to have a Blockbuster account. I also let my family use it, and well they never turned in a movie, it got lost, lots of late fees and the usual stuff that happens. I totally forgot that account until earlier in the month when I checked my credit report and saw that I owed some money to a Collectrite collection agency. So being a bit more responsible now, than I was 3 years ago, I called in to arrange for it to be paid.

Being that our paydays are the 1st and the 15th, I told the woman that I would be making a payment, but for it not to be taken out until the 15th. I called on the 7th of November, so yea. A few days later, I notice my account is really low, but I thought it was coming home from a vacation and putting gasoline in all the vehicles, so I didn't think of it. Then today I checked the bank account, and it showed that the collection agency already withdrew the money. Way early. Due to this, I had to transfer money from our savings into our checks to cover the overdrawn amount (luckily my bank doesn't charge fees).

I tried calling today, but being so hormonal, I just sounded like a blubbering idiot. She then told me it's showing that I was to make the payment on the 7th and not the 15th, and I remember I talked to her, and she sounded a bit like the "oh shit" tone of voice. I couldn't even mention about how it's against the Fair Debt Collections Act to collect money earlier than what was set by the payee.

Blah. I'm so pissed today!

In short, if you couldn't understand wtf happened up above is: The collection agency took out the money out of the account days earlier then they were supposed to, therefore throwing my account totally out of balance.
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