Willow (muppetfromhell) wrote in bad_service,

Grumble Grumble, Kvetch Kvetch Kvetch

Dear Ladies working at the GAP.

Look- I appreciate that the skirt with the darker wash was on sale while the exact same skirt with the lighter wash was *not* on sale. But perhaps you could have the decency to admit that placing *all* of the skirts on a table with a sign that said: "Sale: $39.99" was somewhat misleading? It's not like there was a pile of the sale skirts there and one random misshelved skirt that I picked up, there were stacks of about 5 different kinds of skirts, some the same cut with different washes, some different cuts altogether. There were a good 5-6 of the skirt I picked up on that table, neatly folded and everything.

No, I get that the skirt I picked up isn't on sale. I'm not asking you to change the price, I'm not asking you to give me a sale that doesn't exist (but I'm not getting the skirt, cause I'm not paying $52 for a freaking knee length a line denim skirt). All I'd really like is a reply of something like: "Oh wow, those are mishelved, let me move them" or perhaps even an "I'm sorry those were mishelved," instead of a: "that's not on sale" in a bitchy tone like I'm trying to pull one over on you. I get that people probably do that, but you could at least fake remorse considering I didn't ask you to lower the price.


(What's really bizarre is that the sale price wasn't even the price of the darker wash in the same skirt either- *it* was $29.99 so I ended up just getting that one)

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