Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

The other week my boyfriend and I decided to go out for dinner. We chose a small Chinese restaurant within walking distance of our house called The Emperor's Crown. We were seated straight away, with menus. The menus were filthy, which wasn't exactly comforting. Still, we ordered cokes and then a banquet to share. The waitress took our order and left. At this stage, there was a party of older people and two women in the restaurant.

The waitress comes past. *BANG* She slaps our chicken and sweet corn soup on the table and keeps going. My boyfriend and I look at each other, and shrug. The two women leave. *BANG* Spring rolls. And so it goes. We get our first main dish and some fried rice. We eat the dish, and save some rice for the next dish. The waitress comes past, picks up our dishes, and is a few steps away as as she says "Were you finished with these?" Too bad if we weren't! She continues to bang our meals on the table without a word, except sometimes for the name of the dish. The old people, meanwhile, are being fawned over with bottles of water and constant service. Finally, we're finished with the meal. The old people are given fortune cookies and their bill. I wait for the waitress to come so we can order our dessert. We wait. And wait. The old people leave. We are now the only people in the restaurant. Finally, the waitress appears. We order fruit salad, but before we can ask for coffee too, she's gone again. *BANG* goes the fruit salad. We finish our dessert and wait some more. And more. She doesn't bring us our bill. We don't get fortune cookies. Eventually we walked to the counter and paid for our meal there. I studiously ignored their tip bowl. It was seriously the worst service I have ever received from a restaurant, and although the food was good, I doubt I'd go back.

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