"il dolce far niente" (silken_shadow) wrote in bad_service,
"il dolce far niente"

melfice's post gave me the impetus to post this:

Something similar happened to me Friday at Papa Lou's, a burger/sandwich/shake kind of place.

On the blackboard it says: Make it a Combo: Drink and Fries or Side Salad $2.50.

I wait in line for a couple of minutes listening to the man behind me griping that one cashier had left his station. I said that happens and he was pulling orders. The remaining cashier glared at me and said he'd be back in a minute or two. I smiled and nodded. Well the male cashier doesn't come back so the woman has to do all of it. Okay, during lunch rush that's not fun.

So when it's my turn, I ordered exactly like this:

"6 inch Philly, no lettuce, no tomato and make it a combo, please, with fries." That is a direct quote because it's the way I always order it. The cashier said $8.42. I hand her $10, she gives me change and I stuff it in my pocket not paying much attention. She was really snippy when asking what I wanted and then just thrust the change at me along with the order ticket saying, "Here," very harshly.

I sit down and think about the total. It should not have been $8.42. Should have been $6.49 + tax. I take the change out of my pocket and there's $11.58. Now I'm pretty positive I gave her a $10 but it could have been a $20 - but I don't really think so.

Hmm, I think to myself. Why was the total so high? Well, I decide to wait until my order is called and we'll straighten it out then.

My number is called and I go up to the counter. One of the runners asked if I ordered two fries. I said no, just the combo. She says "I thought so," grabs the manager and they refund the difference between $6.49 and $8.42. Just as I'm about to say something about getting too much change, the cashier with the bad attitude butts in and says nastily, "She wanted two fries, don't you give them to her if she don't pay." I just looked at her and didn't say anything. I went back to my seat and they called the actual order a couple of minutes later.

I go to pick it up and the nasty cashier shoves it across the counter at me nearly pushing it over the edge.

I get to my table and unwrap my sandwich - yep, lettuce and tomato. I didn't have enough time to wait for it to be redone so I just scraped the veggies off it. Now, I love lettuce & tomato on cold sandwiches but it's yucky on a hot one.

So she got my order wrong 3 ways - an extra order of fries, forgot to minus the veggies, and gave me the wrong change all topped off by a lousy attitude.

Okay, now the next part could be considered customer_suck, but I didn't tell them about the wrong change. I was just so pissed off that I hoped the cashier's drawer was $10 off. I don't really want to cheat the store so I'll call them tomorrow and see if the register was $10 short. If it was, I'll take the money to them on Monday. It probably will be short because I'm almost 100% sure I gave her $10 as I don't remember having a $20.

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